What to Expect

What happens at your first appointment?

I will take a full medical history and ask you to sign a consent form for your treatment this is essential for two reasons: so that I can tailor your treatment for your specific needs and because it is a legal requirement of my insurance company and professional body.

I will make you comfortable either on a therapy couch or chair depending on whether you are seeing me in my home therapy room or the one in the Neal’s Yard clinic.  You may need to remove some clothing e.g. your socks, and I may ask you to remove bulky tops but only if you are comfortable.  I will then apply gentle pressure with my hands or fingers.  I will apply gentle pressure to certain points on your hands, feet or face to precise “flex” points so your whole body can be treated.

I work from both my treatment room at home and the therapy rooms in Neal’s Yard in Norwich.  I provide individualised treatments for each client and at the beginning of your first appointment, I will take a full health history and find out what you’d like to achieve from reflexology, to tailor your sessions with me.  Towards the end, I will give you advice on after-care and how to extend the benefits of the treatment. Single treatments are, of course, of great benefit but to achieve the greatest results from Reflexology, a short course is recommended.

What to expect at Norwich Reflexology with Teresa Coe.
Picture of Teresa Coe, the Norwich reflexology specialist.
Relax with the Norwich reflexology specialist.

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